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Episode Architechtural Speakers

If you search for Audio Visual Stores Near Me, you’re likely to get several pages worth of results. With so many names to choose from, you’re forced to rely on the search engine results and reviews. If you, like myself, rely on the reviews, do you ask yourself “ Is this person as picky as I am?”, “ Is their house clean and neat or do they have cables hanging from the TV and look like something from an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, and they think their AV company did a great job?”.

Choosing your AV equipment is a fun process, and with an experienced company, David AV, you’ll have fun with different creative ideas and the potential of your Audio Visual Installation Dallas home, and the value it brings to you and your family. The on-site assessment is where it truly becomes ‘custom’. Each home is a unique canvas in which to integrate the latest technology. Audio and Video doesn’t mean huge speakers sitting on the floor to look at. A true audio integration is where you can hear the speaker. Not see it. Or a projector hiding in the ceiling and you press a button and it drops down, and the screen unfurls in front of you. Or TV hidden behind art, or IS the art.

Dragonfly Projector Screen

David AV specializes in unique homes, and building a Home Automation Dallas control system that your family can be proud of, and your friends jealous of. You’ve searched for Audio Visual Stores Near Me and it landed you here. Give David AV a call at 214-790-8169 and see what your canvas can become.

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