Elan Control Systems

“App gymnastics” is what a client was heard saying in regards to controlling his system. Jumping from one app to control his video cameras, another app to control music selection, another app for lights, and the list goes on. There’s an app for everything. And that’s a good thing. Especially when there’s an app, to control your apps!


Elan Home Systems                 Having a knowledgeable programmer is the difference between a new mechanic and an experienced one. Would you let just anyone new to cars work on your car and expect excellent results? Ofcourse not! “Programming is where the fun happens. I’ve programmed many systems small and large and when it’s really fun is when Lutron or Vantage lighting and shades are involved, and that truly brings automation to life. I can set the shades to open at a certain time of day, a certain weather forecast, from a button on the wall, or by Alexa voice commands. If the front door isn’t locked when you just got on the plane, no problem! You can control everything in your home as long as you’ve got access to an internet or LTE connection. It doesn’t need to be that complex of a system to enjoy using Elan either. The G1 processor is designed for single zones when you just want to control a TV and the devices connected to it. All scenarios can be controlled from one app.” -David, Owner and system programmer for David AV.

                An Elan control system is an easy-to-use platform that anyone can quickly integrate into their lifestyle. No more app gymnastics!