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This family hired an AV installer to connect their speakers and give them audio in every room of the house. Not only did he take their money to do it, he also seemed to have been in a hurry, as the cable management seemed to be an after-thought. Mr. Ron said “We just use the Siri speaker downstairs in the family room to listen to music. We haven’t used the system because it was so hard to use, if it worked at all.”

Before and After





“UGHH” was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this rack. No wonder it never worked properly. IR blasters stuck on with tape, and some had fallen off completely. Volume knob missing from one receiver, cables hanging and pulled tight like a clothes lines. I think I lost sleep over this.




Once I saw what they were struggling with I designed a new system, that included 2 new Denon AVR-X3400 audio video receivers, Elan s1616 house audio amp, Sonos Connect Streamer, and Elan GSC10 processor. While we were replacing old and broken parts, Mr. Ron wanted new Samsung Art TV’s to replace the old guest TV plasma, and the old TV in the master suite. Rebuilding the rack and managing the cables all the way from the wall was the only way to go.

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“My house rocks!!” was a text I received from a happy Mr. Ron after completion which took about 2 weeks. I even made a “Party!” button for him on his iPhone controller so when he’s ready to entertain a crowd he’s only one push away from music and clanking wine glasses.

Elan Home Automation DallasOther plans include monitoring cameras from Elan with motion-activated triggered events. So if the dogs escape out of the pen he’ll get an alert on his phone. Also Philips Hue lighting control, so he can set the mood with a color change from his phone Elan Controller.

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